Welcome to Bournewell Bay, a remote town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This is the St. Magnus School. Once an exclusive, upper-class institution, it was converted and rechartered into a math and sciences school for students grades 7-12. The school is a renowned college preparatory institution, and its valedictorian usually has the choice of any university in the country. For this reason, older students are often suspicious, malicious, and downright cut-throat in their race to the top of the class.

The day is Friday, November 10th. Though the school was meant to be used as a shelter against the approaching Hurricane Ophelia, a blizzard is quickly developing outside. When the power goes out and whiteout conditions pick up outside, the students who stayed late at St. Magnus are trapped with minimal supplies and no escape.
With tensions already high, scarcity brings out the worst in the competitive students, and the school turns into a powderkeg.

The story follows two members of the archery team. Rebecca Bell is an average student in a school of exceptions with a fascination for the thoughts of others. Eric Larsen is a senior previously caught up in a three way battle for valedictorian, but now that he's fallen out of the running, his goals are in question. Both must contend with the cold, dark, and hunger that comes with the school's isolation, but also save the society of students from complete collapse.