FELIX: "Great, another mouth to feed. I guess it's better that she's not dead, but I'd prefer if she had just ended up in the gym..."
HENRY: "It's not like we have much choice now."
SID: "We have the supplies to last another few days though, don't we? Even with a dozen people?"
That's an optimistic estimate. I'd say we have three days of uncomfortable living before we're out of food and water.
ERIC: "No, I understand. We don't know how long we have to be here, so every person that has to be supported is a liability. Of course, we can't very well get rid of people."
SID: "Then wouldn't our best move be to find a way into the gym? They should have much more than us in terms of supplies."
FELIX: "But what reason would they have for letting us in? It's exactly like what just happened here. If they can't communicate with us, they won't feel any moral obligation to help us. Depending on how long we'll be stuck here, their chance of survival goes down for every one of us they choose to help. We don't bring anything to the table."
MARILYN: "We're students here, just like them. Why wouldn't they help us?"
FELIX: "Let's say, for example, it will take two weeks for help to arrive. In this school, there are supplies that will sustain, say, ten people for those two weeks. That doesn't mean that ten students will survive. That means that if there are many more than ten students, everyone dies. None of these hypothetical students know how long they're trapped for, so they split the supplies and all go hungry in the end."
MARILYN: "But what can they do? They can't possibly know how many can make it, and even if they did, would they just sentence everyone but the ten chosen students to die?"
FELIX: "That's why our situation is unique. We're split up. We know there's another group with a much larger portion of food and water out there. If we join them, we are just another drag on their resources. We might all be doomed to die already, but if we find them and they help us, we might just be killing them as well."
HENRY: "You know, that never occurred to me until now. I mean, the fact that it's very possible that we won't make it out."
FELIX: "If help hasn't arrived by now, something very strange is going on in the outside world. There's no way for us to know what that is as we're completely cut off. Because we can't frame any sort of estimate for escape, we have no way to ration properly. Planning wise, this is the worst possible situation."
SID: "I still don't see why we shouldn't be actively trying to contact the group of students in the gym. In all likelihood, they could last a month down here. And they have half of the archery team, the track team, and the fencing team already. We're only a dozen people. Would we really affect them that much?"
FELIX: "Who knows? That's what I'm talking about when I say it's impossible to plan."
SID: "But it's clear that we'll die if we stay here."
FELIX: "I don't understand."
ERIC: "No, I get it Sid. We could stay here and potentially die when our supplies run out, or we could join the gym and die when their supplies run out. You said yourself that they have much more than we do. Which choice extends our lifespan?"
FELIX: "That potentially dooms our benefactors."
MARILYN: "I couldn't live with that on my conscience."
SID: "And what if a day after we all starve here, the rescue team shows up? What would they think? They would wonder why this obstinate group of kids chose to rot here instead of saving themselves."
HENRY: "But it's like Felix says. The rescue team might not exist."
ERIC: "Then whether we join up or not, we're all going to die."