Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changes to Snowbound's setting

This is almost for my own reference, but I'm finally going through the script again. The intro is being completely rewritten, and a few of the premise points changed around a bit. Here's the changes and their justifications:

The location of the school is now in south-central Alaska rather than Cape Cod.
Justification: A lot of people had issue with the premise that a school in New England could be snowed in for anything more than a few hours, especially with modern technology. In a choice between changing the geographical location and the time period, I opted to move the school. It also saves the complication of this whole blizzicane nonsense; we're only dealing with a blizzard now.

The name of the school is now the St. Magnus Academy for Young Researchers rather than the St. Magnus School for Math and Science.
Justification: It seems silly to put a math/science magnet school in the middle of nowhere. A science-only school seems a little more within the realm of possibility. It's really not that important.

The school is now for grades 9-12 rather than 7-12.
Justification: Was there ever a need for this in the first place? Calling everyone x-year or x-rank is complication for no good reason.

The protagonists are part of the fencing team rather than the archery team.
Justification: It goes with the change in setting. Archery was always a little out there, so if that's the case, might as well make it interesting... The foils don't play a role in the story, but then again, neither did archery...

A few characters are also getting their lines reexamined and rewritten if necessary, mainly Rebecca, Sophie, Lyra, and Sid.

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