Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uniform designs, story redesign

A general purpose update here... Most interesting probably is the work PentagonBuddy's been doing on the uniform:
That's probably a very good representation of the final product.

The engine is also moving along (it now covers all current features of the markup language I've been using) but it's nowhere near as good-looking. Time to show off the ugliest user interface of all time:
Yeah, there's been very little UI work done so far and the portraits aren't in any presentable form, but this is a good idea of screen layout. Next up is probably animations or UI functionality (even if the UI graphics themselves aren't present)

More changes are happening with the script. I've been revising the first few scenes with a little outside help, and one of the biggest recurring problems has been realism. There's a certain suspension of disbelief required to get anything out of the story, and changing around the setting would help to fix this problem. The means the St. Magnus School will most likely be finding a new location. (it also means a near total rewrite of the first 8,000 words or so... but that's okay)

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