Sunday, December 11, 2011

Continuing revisions and engine switch?

I figured I'd make an update on current project progress... To be honest, there's been little real progress but lots of rethinking on where to go from here.

First up, story is still under revision. I'll post a summary of the revised exposition segments when they've been taken care of, but as it's still very fluid at the moment, there's not much to say.

As for the engine... It's a matter of polish. I haven't been putting too much time towards the JS engine recently because I've recently learned of alternatives. Apparently ONscripter is compatible with mobile devices, so it could prove a less time-consuming option. I've no doubt that it'd be possible to build an engine with similar power in Javascript (the skeleton is already there) but the time needed to do so would be large. If there's no necessary functionality, what would be the drawbacks to switching to a pre-made engine?

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