Sunday, November 13, 2011

Current state of the project

So this devlog comes significantly later than the start of the project, so it's probably worthwhile to go over what's already accomplished and what needs to be done. The short version is that the draft of the demo script is complete (but needs editing) and most of the work is currently towards programming and art.

Currently, the demo script covering the main storyline is all written. However, most of it has only received one pass of editing and some isn't even converted into the correct format yet. Once the engine is stable, I (psy_wombats) will move on to editing/finding editors for the main script, but writing the other routes in the game only comes after the demo.

PentagonBuddy only recently joined the team, but there's plenty of action already on the art front. Basic character designs are already planned, though there aren't anything more than sketches at the moment. The demo should feature full portraits for each character (though maybe without a full range of expressions) as well as most backgrounds.

There's very little functional yet! The current tool being used to read the script is just the The LCPANES Terminal engine hooked up to the Snowbound script, but right now development is starting on a VN reader with Google Web Kit so that the game should be playable on mobile platforms as well as in the browser. Hopefully there will be a tech demo soon.

No clue.

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  1. What is the current state of the project?