Sunday, November 20, 2011

Character concept art is in

The character roster is now outfitted with new art from PentagonBuddy! All of this is still rough, of course, but it gives a good idea of what the characters will look like and what the art style will be. Expect a few samples of full portraits after the uniform is designed.

On the engine front, I've been messing around with HTML5/JS and there's a pretty functional viewer kicking around now. It supports basic text navigation but no graphics or fancy UI stuff. It's the bare minimum needed for editing and previewing, so it's unlikely that much more will be done on it until the script is in a better state. After a little experimentation I'll probably release a version of the viewer running LCPANES just to demonstrate. And because it's all in javascript, it'll be viewable on mobile devices as well!

...and the script continues to be refined. Hopefully there will be more to show soon.

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