Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revision first draft complete!

Alright, so I've finished writing the revised intro for Snowbound. All the changes from last week's post are in effect... but only for the first section. That part was completely rewritten, but the rest of Snowbound still reflects the original setting.

It shouldn't be too much trouble to basically run through all 200 existing scenes and rewrite lines, references, etc to bring everything in line to the new presentation, but it'll take a bit more time. Hopefully then the entire script will be ready for review and can move on to the third (fourth?) draft.

In the meantime, here's the latest by PentagonBuddy. It's Sophie's portrait:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Changes to Snowbound's setting

This is almost for my own reference, but I'm finally going through the script again. The intro is being completely rewritten, and a few of the premise points changed around a bit. Here's the changes and their justifications:

The location of the school is now in south-central Alaska rather than Cape Cod.
Justification: A lot of people had issue with the premise that a school in New England could be snowed in for anything more than a few hours, especially with modern technology. In a choice between changing the geographical location and the time period, I opted to move the school. It also saves the complication of this whole blizzicane nonsense; we're only dealing with a blizzard now.

The name of the school is now the St. Magnus Academy for Young Researchers rather than the St. Magnus School for Math and Science.
Justification: It seems silly to put a math/science magnet school in the middle of nowhere. A science-only school seems a little more within the realm of possibility. It's really not that important.

The school is now for grades 9-12 rather than 7-12.
Justification: Was there ever a need for this in the first place? Calling everyone x-year or x-rank is complication for no good reason.

The protagonists are part of the fencing team rather than the archery team.
Justification: It goes with the change in setting. Archery was always a little out there, so if that's the case, might as well make it interesting... The foils don't play a role in the story, but then again, neither did archery...

A few characters are also getting their lines reexamined and rewritten if necessary, mainly Rebecca, Sophie, Lyra, and Sid.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Time to get back on track... I realize it's been over a month since I last updated here, but in that time I've been overseas and working on an entirely different game. (Man's Best Friend, released here. Now that I'm back someplace with a stable internet connection and not much to do, it's time for Snowbound.

Mostly I've been thinking through the engine and plot changes and trying to decide which to tackle first. I'd really like to have something functional to test art/music assets, and that would lean towards engine coming first. As I still haven't made all the planning necessary for the revision of the introduction, I'll probably first be converting all the JS scripts to ONscripter format. Though I've looked through the doc, I still haven't used the scripting language before so it might take longer than I'd like. However, ONscripter's mobile support and other features are good enough where it's certainly worth it.

Lastly, towards the end of December I demoed what exists of Snowbound at Brown University through the New Media Writing program. Because of limits with voice actors and the engine, it really wasn't so much a demo of Snowbound so much as a VN that resembles it... All the characters and personalities are swapped around and this scenario doesn't exist, but it's still worth a look for the interested, and it's available here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Continuing revisions and engine switch?

I figured I'd make an update on current project progress... To be honest, there's been little real progress but lots of rethinking on where to go from here.

First up, story is still under revision. I'll post a summary of the revised exposition segments when they've been taken care of, but as it's still very fluid at the moment, there's not much to say.

As for the engine... It's a matter of polish. I haven't been putting too much time towards the JS engine recently because I've recently learned of alternatives. Apparently ONscripter is compatible with mobile devices, so it could prove a less time-consuming option. I've no doubt that it'd be possible to build an engine with similar power in Javascript (the skeleton is already there) but the time needed to do so would be large. If there's no necessary functionality, what would be the drawbacks to switching to a pre-made engine?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uniform designs, story redesign

A general purpose update here... Most interesting probably is the work PentagonBuddy's been doing on the uniform:
That's probably a very good representation of the final product.

The engine is also moving along (it now covers all current features of the markup language I've been using) but it's nowhere near as good-looking. Time to show off the ugliest user interface of all time:
Yeah, there's been very little UI work done so far and the portraits aren't in any presentable form, but this is a good idea of screen layout. Next up is probably animations or UI functionality (even if the UI graphics themselves aren't present)

More changes are happening with the script. I've been revising the first few scenes with a little outside help, and one of the biggest recurring problems has been realism. There's a certain suspension of disbelief required to get anything out of the story, and changing around the setting would help to fix this problem. The means the St. Magnus School will most likely be finding a new location. (it also means a near total rewrite of the first 8,000 words or so... but that's okay)